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and in to western maryland now. let's switch to doppler real quick. southern pennsylvania, western maryland we have light showers at the moment. this is the line we will watch. back on the computer, temperatures are running at 80, a warm muggy morning. some 70s out there. cumberland you are the warm spot at 81. looking at the day at a glance, 84 by 9:00. 90 by noon. mostly cloudy and showers and storms by then. upper 80s for 5:00 as the showers and storms pull away. some of the storms, especially south, could be strong to severe. patranya bhoolsuwan is watching the roads. >> as you heard howard said scattered showers later on today but the road is right now dry. in and out of the beltway no major problems reported. just the traffic lights are out in montgomery county. let's switch to the live camera. 95 north no problems. on the beltway in virginia between braddock and i-66 as we switch over. no big problems on the west side of the beltway. good morning, maryland. on i-270 this morning heading down south from father hurley to split no problems, as well. and 95 and bw parkway as we
captions by: caption colorado, llc (800) 775-7838 e- mail: >>> deadly weather. maryland's extreme heat claims four victims as temperatures soar into record territory. >>> good evening. thanks for joining us. i'm adam may. much of maryland spent the day under an excessive heat warning, and it's not going to be better tomorrow. people ventured outside after the temperatures dropped a little bit. a lot of people went outside grabbing ice cream to stay cool. it is still hot and very humid. conditions are expect heed to continue through the weekend. suzanne collins has the latest on a young man who died in the intense heat. first, a look at the record breaking temperatures today. >> we do still have a heat advisory in effect for a lot of the region. that continues until 8:00 tomorrow evening. we have lost the excessive heat warning but it is still hot. we topped out today 100 degrees. we started out the day at a very warm 82, and it is still 90 degrees outside. when you factor in the humidity it feels like 97. it's still feeling like 102 in d.c. we want to show you just off
their focus on aggressive driving and how it endangers the lives of pedestrians in maryland cities. we're live in the newsroom with details. >> is part of a law enforcement of safety campaign in an effort to battle what police say is the number one danger facing motorists and pedestrians. speeding. the intersection is one of the corners where far too many pedestrians are injured by aggressive drivers. >> many of the fatalities don't occur on the major highways or interstates, but right here in baltimore. >> they showed up to highlight the dangers of aggressive driving. >> at the as a demonstration car traveling at 25, 35, and 40 miles an hour to show what it takes to break the vehicle. in this case, a 10-year-old wire frame dummy. >> maintaining speed, credit- card, he comes to the stop line. -- braking hard, he comes to the stop line. >> the cars don't a slowdown, -- don't slow down. >> we have tried to help them out by putting up pedestrianized to tell them when to walk and when not to walk. this likely ask motorists to obey the laws, we ask pedestrians and bicyclists. >> when you get ready
as well to try to figure out exactly what happened. for now we're live in potomac, maryland. now back to you. >> aaron, thank you. >>> temperatures are down a bit today, but the humidity took a hike up as we look live outside. the good news, relief is en route, folks. let's go first to chuck bell in the weather center to tell us just when. chuck? >> yes indeed, a little cooler than yesterday. i think we have all appreciated the 7-degree top in high temperatures. yesterday 102. today's high temperature a mere 95 degrees. the old record, the current record still 100 degrees set back in 1993, will last another year. 92 currently in washington. there actually are a couple of lonely thundershowers out there. heat index values remain in the high 90s, and right around the 100-degree mark. right now thunderstorms rumbling through northern parts of frederick county, maryland and down into southern parts of fauquier county, virginia. plenty of heat and humidity around for the rest of your evening. rain chances on the rise as we head towards friday and saturday. what about a little break from th
de los tres aÑos que t procesadora de cangrejos en maryland.. "dificil porque entrar a trabajar a dos de la mañana, salir a las dos de la tarde, es cansado y a parte ganar por lo que hagas" como esta mexicana, miles de mujeres migrantes son contratadas bajo la visa h-2b. ...y se ven obligadas a aguantar abusos, de acuerdo a un informe del centro de los derechos del migrante y la universidad americana... "las mujeres pagaron cuotas a las reclutadoras y esas cuotas son ilegales y la otra cosa que es muy preocupante son todas las heridas, todos los cortes o piquetes que sufren las mujeres en el trabajo y la mayoria de estas mujeres no reciben atencion medica" a estas mujeres usualmente les pagan entre dos a dos dolares veinticinco por cada libra de comida de cangrejo... para poder sobrevivir, tienen que extraer la comida de por lo menos 200 cangrejos diariamente... margarita, quien es viuda, dejo a sus siete hijos en mexico para trabajar en maryland... "tener qpagar renta nosotros, tener que ver de comer nosotros, tener que v
. south of baltimore. a lot of rain now in calvert county, p.g. county, and southern maryland. and one sill i just -- cell i just found here. howard county line, may get to you folks in carroll county, which didn't seem much this afternoon. there is hope for you phobes who didn't see -- folks who didn't see a drop of rain. bernadette has a look at other numbers. >>> it came and came so quickly. bigger amounts around the region. 1.77 inches of rain. north of baltimore city. tv hill, just under 1 and three- quarters inch of rain. roland park at just under a half. the thing is, as far as 1-inch- plus amounts. anywhere from northern parts of baltimore county to northern parts of aa county. and clipping eastern parts of howard county. that seems to be the bull's eye. there is that chance for more rounds of rain tonight, tomorrow, and wednesday. we'll have that forecast coming up shortly. right now, back inside. >>> wjz has checked with bge. about 17,000 people are without power right now. just about 7,000 people in the dark in baltimore city. 6600 are out in baltimore county. due to power o
violated state wiretap laws. that's because maryland is one of a dozen states that requires all parties to consent before somebody makes a recording if there's an expectation of privacy. expectation of privacy on the side of the road? stop it. former prosecutor tom canipp is with us. they can record us but if i have a camera mounted in my car or on my bike, on an open road, i can't record what the police officer does? >> interestingly, with respect to the maryland statute and a lot of jurisdictions with the two party consent laws, consent applies to the audio, not necessarily the video. in maryland, the problem is the fact that he taped the audio conversation with him and the police officers and you get into the issue of whether there's an expectation of privacy. >> you know, my experience has always been, correct me if i'm wrong, if you're in an open place where anyone can hear you and see you, for instance on 38th and 6th avenue in manhattan. somebody records what us, that's fair game. >> absolutely. i walked here today from midtown and was recorded from cameras all over. >> and audio
than usual. on the capital beltway in maryland, things are filling out around the georgia avenue exit. overall not really many problems. 95 an the bw parkway, also smooth sailing and nice and green out of baltimore to 495. this is an eyesore. 66 eastbound early morning issues. jammed from 123 to the capital beltway. at least a 20 minute drive right now and this is partly due to lingering construction. finally a look at the travel times, 267 the toll road, eastbound seven minutes is what it is taking to get from 674 to the beltway. seven minutes on dc 295 to the 11th street bridge. traveling the outer loop from van doren to the wilson bridge is only taking you about seven. back to you. >>> in the living well segment, childhood cancer survivors may be at risk for heart disease later in life. researchers studied 600 kids treated with therapies that could potentially hurt the heart an they found out after 15 years 27% developed cardiac problems. >>> a new study found people who use the internet to help lose weight tend to be more success. they followed 1600 people. those that logged on to
spot that we kept our eye on since yesterday. this is in potomac, maryland. south glen road is closed between glen and norton road. we are using river as an alternate. kristin fisher has been on the scene all morning and will have the latest developments and hopefully an update on when this will be cleaned up. a slow ride between new hampshire and georgia avenue. no incidents along the way. 66, hey, virginia, we are tracking your traffic, as well. heading eastbound past 234 to 28 toward route 50. pretty much smooth sailing an the beltway in virginia, drivers are at speed, as well. lanes are pretty much wide open from 95 to 66. that's a quick look at traffic. back to you. >>> people in part of montgomery county are being told not to flush their toilets a lot and don't water your lawn. it is another round of water restrictions. and it is because of this, a water main break which sent a geyser of water in to the skies over potomac yesterday. kristin fisher is live with the latest water problem. you thought you were finished with the water main breaks, didn't you, kristin? >> no kidding.
. maryland has reported six heat-related deaths. that's the same number maryland had all last year. three deaths have been reported in virginia from the heat and one in the district. definitely time to stay inside. the key today, if you do have to go outside, you want to wear light-colored clothing and have plenty of water with you. otherwise you're going to feel faint. it is extremely hot, unbearable if you're watching this on tv and you're in air conditioning, you're in the best spot in the house. >> good advice. thanks, jane. >>> mandatory water restrictions are in place for people in montgomery or prince george's county. the good news is relief is on the way. they have fixed the cracked water main but the work isn't finished yet. our reporter has been covering this since the dark of morning and she has the latest from potomac, maryland. >> reporter: the damaged section of pipe could be seen sitting along the side of the road this morning. the new segment is in place and work crews have begun to partially backfill the hole. the repair work should be completed sometime today. but that d
and took a degree from the university of maryland college. some of the time he worked as a package sorter in land over hills where he may have had access to some customer information. court records paint another picture. he was caught in an alleged stolen gun selling ring in 2009 and authorities brought a cascade of charges, including armed robbery, carjacking, burglary, false imprisonment and weapons violations. we also learned today that some of the guns seized in that sting that uncorked this case back in july of 2009, some of those guns have been taken by prince george's county police for ballistics tests, presumably in the mother- daughter murders. we don't know the results of the tests. many of the charges i outlined for you, they have been dropped or were not prosecuted in many cases as prosecutors began to realize that this person was a person of interest in these murders, and they began to realign the prosecution strategy and still seeking indictments. those are not expected until next week. as for the serial killer aspect of it, we know there is one other case in bowie where the
to safety. >>> a maryland woman is among the storm's victims. one minute michelle humanick was driving through college park. the next this beloved mother and wife was dead, killed instantly when a tree land on her van crushing her. both parker shows us her life and her death. >> reporter: just look at a picture of michelle humanick, and you get a sense of how happy she was. those lucky enough to have known her can tell you much more. >> we talk about our kids, and -- and that's what i remember about her, is how kind she was, and how generous, and how active she was in her community. >> reporter: it was in that community college park where humanick died yesterday, when the storm roared through a tree fell on her van. >> i was very shocked, along with the rest of our neighborhood, to find out what happened. because it's very senseless. and very tragic. but i hope that everyone comes together and lets her children and her husband know how much, you know, how much we respected and valued her, and you know, and family was the center of her life. >> reporter: neighbors shirley and la reel mo
across maryland. >>> we have exclusive video, good evening, i'm adam may and we're following a developing story in a deadly police involved accident and first, the severe weather that caused damage and power outages across the state. take a look at the pictures sent in from a viewer. these are the anne arundel county fairgrounds. the witnesses said that the storms collapsed tents an medics are treating several for injuries. 're live with -- we're live and derek valcourt has more and first, we'll go to bernadette woods for the live doppler radar. >> the storms were quick movers and they had a lot of wind and you'll see mainly the wind damage. we'll show you the doppler radar. we have thunderstorms hanging on and this is what it looks like when it came through earlier. we have a tornado in effect and we have seen the wind damages from montgomery and aa county and baltimore and baltimore city. harford and bel air. numerous trees are down and power outages. we have a severe thunderstorm watch for the southern parts of the eastern shore until 8:00 tonight. most of the thunderstorms starting to
, jane. and the city of frederick, maryland, is asking residents to voluntarily conserve water. the intense heat, coupled with low rainfall resulted in low water levels there. official warn if people don't cut back, the city may have to take more drastic measures to conserve water. >>> the human is baidity is bac. so is the chance of storms. >> later tonight we could see some scattered storms across the area. as far as right now, we have hazy conditions. a lot of humidity and steam today. that's really taken the heat index way up to about 100 degrees. you're looking currently at our skycam shot there with the washington monument in the distance. and our dew point temperatures, that water vapor, 65 to 69 degrees. in some neighborhoods, it has taken the heat index temperature way up. to 97 degrees, takoma park. 98 degrees in buoy and lando. and you folks in montgomery, wheaton and cole's activism it faelz like 106 in lenard arrested town. some areas from the shenandoah valley, some storm. then a better chance coming our way tomorrow. from late morning until early afternoon. we'll
in germantown, maryland actually boy is recovering this morning after he nearly drowned actually lifeguard watched as the boy chaseed a ball into the deep end of the pool. she says at one point he began floating on his stomach. he didn't respond to the lifeguard's whistle so she jumped into water, pulled him out and called the paramedics. >> i put him into the emergency position, tilt the victim's head back and make sure there is nothing obstructing their airway. it is something you have to be constantly vigilant. you're just always ready for a save. >> the cdc says each day, three children in america die from drowning. another four receive emergency care for nonfatal injuries. >>> a local lawyer is helping rescue fishermen from the gulf oil disaster. >> coming up next, his mission to put them back in hair boats. why he says bp is slowing down the process. >>> good morning. after lots of heat and humidity yesterday, conditions today even worse. i'll have the details on the forecast. it gets a little bitter on the five-day. julie wright will be in with a look at your on-time traffic coming
because the heat can cause the tracks to kink. now the maryland transit administration is extending the hours of its customer call center so that it can provide information about delays to passengers. callers can reach the hotline at 1-800-325-rail. that's 1-800-325-7245. the mta says until further notice, those phones will be staffed until 11:00 at night. >>> newly unsealed documents in the case of yeardley love reveal new evidence to the case. today a judge released the details of the search warrant outlining what police found and what was missing from several key locations. yeardley love was found dead in her charlottesville apartment in early may. police have charged george huguely, her ex-boyfriend and a uva men's lacrosse player with her murder. the search warrant states that police took swabs of red stains, most likely blood from all over love's apartment, including on sheets and the wall. they also found a note from huguely there. in huguely's apartment, the found a uva lacrosse t-shirt with a red stain on it, another note addressed to love, and a pair of shorts with his pas
at the university of maryland back in march. dissidents were arrested following a rowdy celebration. -- students were arrested following a rowdy celebration. a lawyer representing six others said that five of charges were dropped. those charges will still move forward. three people were injured this morning when flames broke out of home in baltimore county. by your kreuz responded shortly after 10:00. -- fire crews responded shortly after 10:00. the fire started in the basement where crews believe there was some sort of explosion. the cause of the fire is still under investigation. it took firefighters 30 minutes to put up the flavors at an apartment building in northwest baltimore. the fire started on the sixth floor of the strass mthmore towr building. an elderly woman was taken to bayview medical center to be treated for burns. no word on what sparked the fire. earlier firefighters were called to the 2300 block of jordan hill ave. we're told the home is occupied and no one was home at the time. the cause remains under investigation. bge crews were called after a car director of the gas line.
for a masters degree. maryland police say he is also a killer, whose victims include two pairs of mothers and daughters. scott, they say, studied police forens forensics, to learn how to hide his crimes. and the data base from his job at ups, to identify potential targets. pierre thomas has the story on a cerebral serial killer suspect. >> reporter: the horror began on january 26th 2009, as an intruder slipped in. karen lofton, a 45-year-old nurse, was fatally shot as he tried to hide in this corner. her 16-year-old daughter was repeatedly shot as he frantically dialed 911 from her bed. police were perplexed. the doors were locked. no signs of forced entry. neighbors were terrified. >> so when they catch them, i'll be afraid. >> reporter: two months later, the bodies of dell lorless dewitt and her 20-year-old daughter were found in a burning car. another nurse, and a daughter, killed. >> i'll tell you that mrs. scott presented us with a very challenging ability to identify him. >> reporter: today, this man, jason thomas scott, was charged in the murders of the dewitts, and the chief of po
the thunderstorms develop. quickly became severe over western maryland. now, as these storms started to move closer to us, we had some winds upwards of 3-5,000 feet. the winds rushed down to the ground, pushed this storm out. and as that storm pushes out, you get gusty winds that emanate from that and that was the wind gusts of 60-75 miles an hour and some little pockets of winds upwards of 80-90 miles an hour. now, with the tornadic situation possibly comes in is you push out the center of the storm and it becomes a bow echo. it looks like the bow from a bow and arrow. sometimes you can get some spinups and maybe that's where a weak tornado like structure happens. that did not happen here. >> all right, devon. >>> as tough as it is to lose your power for days, one group of residents may well be about to lose their homes because of the storm. their building was so badly damage, the owner is kicking everybody out permanently. brittany morehouse spoke with some of the tenants and joins us live. brittany. >> reporter: well, anita, the owner may be legally okay to do this, but the residents here they l
marylanders are beating the heat as code red threat remains in effect. >> work resumes at the gulf well oil site thanks to an unexpected boost from mother nature. >> ow torrential rains and flooding -- how torrential rain and floodsing have stopped travel plans. >> "11 news saturday morning" starts now. -- "11 news sunday morning" starts now. [captioning made possible by constellation energy group] >> welcome to "11 news sunday morning." i'm lisa robinson. >> and i'm sarah caldwell. we continue to have a code red heat alert. is it ever going to end? >> i know, we hit 101 yesterday. today we're only going to be in the 90's. it will get much better tomorrow. the average high temperature is 88. that's what we normally see at 3:00 in the afternoon. it is 86. forecast for today, very hot, still humid, but a chance for thunderstorms late in the afternoon, and those storms will signal a change for us. high temperatures in the mid to upper 90's. we'll look at the seven-day forecast coming up. for now, to the news desk. >> stephanie rawlings-blake has decided to extend city pool hours to help people
of cameras there is a positive benefit. >> reporter: that's the view of police in howard county, maryland. >> and we've had a significant reduction in the incidents of red light running and very significant reductions in crashes -- overall crashes at intersections as a result of the red light cameras. >> reporter: john henrehan, fox 5 news. >> communities often ask the federal government to match money for red light cameras. many want the cameras there for safety, not just to reduce revenue. >>> it is the earliest time a category 2 storm has formed in over 30 years. this morning people in mexico and texas are checking out the damage from hurricane alex. we'll go live to port isabel, texas, next. >>> and a suspect arrested overseas in connection with the russian spy ring goes missing, other suspects are expected in court this morning into and also ahead the smithsonian folk life festival is gearing up. we'll check in with holly on the national mall this morning. it is now 7:19. we'll be right back.  >>> heavy rains and whipping winds in texas. even know the state avoided a direc
but it will be creeping back. 74 is the national airport. near 70 at southern maryland near the bay. many of the suburbs north and west in the 60s right now and off to a pleasant start. no travel problems anywhere across the eastern half of the country. enormous area of high pressure is in place. many locations in the upper 50s. eastern shore in the 60s right now. the view from space showing this giant area of pressure rotating around the top of our region. and it will be in place giving us plenty of sunshine. we'll have afternoon highs in the upper 90s and getting a little more humid. not oppressive yesterday but hot. it's going to be quite humid wednesday and into thursday and should be a bit cooler on thursday with a chance of thunderstorms. that's the way it looks right now. back to you. >> thank you, tom. for those of you who have been affected by mandatory water restrictions, you may get relief today. they have made real progress fixing a cracked main. the restrictions in montgomery and prince george's county could be lifted today. derrick ward reports. >> reporter: montgomery pool, a loophole in
maryland and vermont. >> good evening. we are honored to have the governors here. and for all of us here. we are looking forward to your remarks tonight. each of the speakers will be speaking for five or 10 minutes. after which we will give them a chance to ask each other questions and interact. our first speaker tonight is madeline, the governor of vermont. in 2009 she won the al gore -- eleanor roosevelt metal. she is the fourth woman to be elected governor, but the first to be elected for three terms. during the clinton administration she served as deputy secretary of the department of -- currently she is the professor at the university of vermont and a blocker on the -- blogger on the "huffington post." as i go through these introductions, he will get a full introduction in your program. thank you for coming. [applause] >> the first one they say is it is great to be in this historic building. you feel the wavelengths of history going through the room. i am honored to be visiting a land of lincoln. this is a broad subjects. you can look at it from the point of view as educating studen
officers and for the first time thhy had troopers from the maryland state police. no violence here but still a viollnt weekend. a lot of people they saw ouuside of the iiner harbor, what about the xtra prooeccion for hem. there's budgets limits aad by and large even though it was a violenn weekend, police say iit3 was criminaas shooting other criminals, regular folks they were pretty safe. joel d smith at the iiner harbor. >>> a fitch years old willl 15 e charged as an adult. he shot cordon canada. canada's sister tell us they can't imagine what would have led tt the shootinn. theer brotherrhad just graduated from higg school and had a p>ttat was two weeks ago and he was lookinggforward to august going to culinary school and ú%is issdevastating.3 >> that was my heart. >> powell is facing first-degree -urder harges. right now he is being held without bail at the baltimore couuty detentton center. he is exxected to have a bail reeiee tomorrow. >>> a fist fight turns deadly when the victim hits his head falling to the ground. 23-year-old robert r eiky died at shamrock courtt he wa
>> more rain after yesterday's record breaking temperatures, maryland braces for another day of heat. taking another look outside where it is already heating up. how high will it go? meteorologist tim williams has the answer in our first warning weather forecast. >> missing in afghanistan, the search for two u.s. soldiers intensifies. and slots debate. governor o'malley and former governor ehrlich weigh in on the future of slots in the state. and... >> the seventh annual family day is going on here at the druitt hills park basketball courts. we'll tell you all about the day's events. eyewitness news is seconds away. >>> good morning and welcome to eyewitness news this sunday. i'm gigi barnett. >> i'm tim williams. it 18:00. it is 85 degrees and it is already starting to warm up outside. good morning to you. >> already. >> already. how did you brave yesterday? >> i could not escape it. >> no, you couldn't. >> you tried to run from it. it caught you. >> yes had a false sense of security because you went into a supermarket or something. when you came out, reality hit quickly. ye
university of maryland students are digging up a lot of history this summer. the details are ahead. could visiting a hospital in july be bad for your health? we will explain. if you are in the market for a new vehicle, how buying new may save you cash. >> why the labels on beer bottle of sunscreen argue for a makeover. that is into night -- on your model of sunscreen art dealer for a makeover. >> the seven-day forecast is straight ahead. 87 degrees right now at the airport, and still 89 downtown. like east wins. like east wins. >> this didn't stop their hands dirty today the of pieces of history. -- students got their hands dirty today. they have spent the past few weeks the up artifacts at the home of a man freed from slavery to work for the superintendent of the u.s. naval academy. >> our job is to show that it has been an integrated community of people living together for a very long time. >> didn't stay on an old and tonic bottle, parts of dishware and bones from animals. the project will continue for the next two summers. if you missed out on the "cash- for-clunkers" program but you
in potomac, abc 7 news. >>> meantime, a two year-old maryland boy has been found and is safe. police issued an amber alert after aaron gamez was reported about the last afternoon. officers are not releasing details on how the child was found but are continuing to investigate. >>> another soldier from our region has been killed in iraq. specialist morganne mcbeth died yesterday. choose critically injured in a non-combat incidents on thursday. she was 19 years old and part of the 82nd airborne division based in fort bragg, north carolina. vice president biden is going to erupt for a surprise trip. elections were held in iraq for march, but no clear winner was determined. biden is hoping he can urge opponents to agreement. >> i remain extremely optimistic about a government being formed here. i am with the representatives representing all the main parties. >> there is some urgency. the administration would like to see a formal agreement before the of military begins to draw down next month. when that withdrawal is complete just 50,000 u.s. combat troops will remain in iraq. >>> another promine
not expect things to be much better on river road into bethesda and connecticut avenue both in maryland and into the northwest part of the district. it just doesn't look very good at this point. back to you. >> jackie bensen, thanks. >>> the storms also had deadly consequences. the weather is blamed for knocking down a tree that slammed into a minivan in college park yesterday. police say the driver, 44-year-old michelle humanic was killed. her mother-in-law was also in that van. she was injured and taken to the hospital. >>> police in maryland say annapolis resident warren douglas smith was killed on the water yesterday. he got caught in the height of the storm while riding a personal watercraft near the bay bridge. smith was 63 years old. >>> and in virginia, the loudon county sheriff's office says the tree limb struck 6-year-old eric lawson in sterling. it happened while he was walking near a park with his family about 3:15 yesterday afternoon. he was pronounced dead at the hospital. >>> the water restrictions from montgomery and prince george's county have finally been lifted. they
with the leaking of the tape. >>> this comes to us from wbal in maryland. their first day on campus started with the regulation laircut yesterday, the easy part of a grueling six-week program that will turn them into mid shipmen. now the newbies will have to follow strict orders from upper classmen, memorize their academy's handbook and get used to the 5:30 morning wake-up call. we know. that's like sleeping in. i'm lynn berry, and this is "early today," just your first stop of the day today on your nbc station. >>> live in hd, beautiful picture of the jefferson memorial this morning. a beautiful morning. 63 degrees, delightful temperatures and delightful cool air. >> it is friday, july 2nd, 2010. mandatory water restrictions are still in place in two maryland counties and they could last through the holiday weekend. >> they were put into place after crews noticed a 96-inch water main was about ready to burst. news 4 has more. >> reporter: clearly this house was not aware of the water restrictions. >> i see your son watering the lawn here. >> i would probably get a ticket. i guess i got to
through the area. sunday's weather uprooted trees and brought heavy rains in maryland, dc and virginia. montgomery county was hit hard as a tornado warning was issued for a the southeastern part of the county. thousand of people are in the dark after trees brought down power lines. pepco alone has 293,000 without power. a spokesman says there's no timetable for electricity to be restored. >>> two people are dead from the severe weather. one woman was killed when her minivan was hit by a falling tree. her mother was take on the the hospital with serious injuries. and a 6-year-old boy in sterling, virginia, died after a tree fell on top of him. obviously significant storms. do we think there is any repeat today? >> no. the weather service will send out a team and see if there was a tornado but a lot of straight line winds, 60, 70 miles an hour brought down the trees. >> unbelievable. >> let's show you the radar we had. big storms yesterday afternoon and evening. kind of wet from wet to east. didn't see much in the way of severe weather, even though they have some thunderstorms, here, dc,
getting hammered. we had a tornado warning earlier this afternoon for rockville, maryland. that has expired. but these storms are now working their way across the chesapeak i wouldn't be surprised if we get more warnings issued with these storms as we advance through the rest of the evening hours. here's what's happening in terms of the heat. we still have the heat advisories for much of the east, the south, stretching into alabama, into georgia. where it feels like it's 110 degrees even. and there are a lot of places yesterday that actually soared to record highs. and you can see it here. richmond, virginia, for example, what a hot summer it's been for you, up to 105 degrees yesterday. so some really hot numbers there. baltimore, up to 100, raleigh up to 100 as well. and in new york's central park. 97 degrees, it's been a stretch a long stretch of hot weather and the storms have only been providing some relief, really. because it tends to get hot once again. i can tell you that tomorrow you'll get an improvement and you'll see a reduction in humidity but it won't be a dramatic chan
to disassemble it and move it from a mill in maryland, where it was being cast in bronze, he refused to reveal how to take it apart, so work on the statute became stalled until a man by the name of phillip garrido sa this. -- philip reed. he was selected to cast the bronze statue. he attached an iron hook to the head of the statute, ever so gently lifted the top section until a hairline crack appeared. the crack indicated where the joints were, and he then repeated the operation until the five different sections of the statue were discovered. we know about him today because the son of a foundry owner shared his story with historians back in 1869, and it describes him as an expert and a model workmen and was highly esteemed by all who knew him. we stand here today not only because of him, but for other enslaved african americans like him who worked tirelessly, sacrificing. these plaques in their own right will serve as a symbol of their sacrifice and will be seen by visitors who entered the building forever more. in closing, i would just like to personally thank the members of the slave labor t
money. >> the state of maryland is losing close to $2 million a day revenue when it's going out of state and it's a lot of money. >> cordish paid the state more than $28 million in liccnsing fees to build a inowe at arunnel mills. >>> no more on core, the final curtain is here for the former ownerr officials say thh city ownedd3 theater must go dark tied. but joel d smith is live at the theater wwere it seems there might be more drama, good morning, joel. >> reporter: here's been a a lot of people know about tte senator. it's been here ffr 71 years and thousand could be the last day they shoo movies in a long time. you come over here and you get -ear the door and you can still smell the lingering poocorn smell. and the last show they're dding, theenew hope, star wars for free theelong time owner and the operator of his place, started ú%ound 1177 when store wars came out. it's going to finish that way, also. thii week new management will take over. like the aagood movie there could be a twist. the former owner and current operator has 2,000 friends whoo3 havv been protesting the decis
temperature, as well. farther to our west, the blue ridge and maryland, virginia, it's in the low to mid southwest this morning. in southern maryland, northern neck, eastern shore, temperatures there are in the southwest to near 80. look at the dew points there in the low 70s in many locations, especially around the bay and the eastern shore. that is sweltering humidity fp out of the mountain, it's cooler and more comfortable. western maryland, west virginia now in the low 60s. eastern shore now, the mid-70s. and this huge area of high pressure that's been plaguing us the last few days with the heat is now beginning to sink a bit to the south and a developing area of low pressure off the atlantic seaboard will give us a south easterly flow today when which will bring in clouds and also increased humidity. a slight chance of an afternoon thunderstorm, then likely thunderstorms as the front approaches from the west coming in friday evening and off and on on saturday. highs tomorrow near 90. saturday mid and upper 80s. and then low humidity for sunday, highs near 90. jerry, how is the traff
. our guest is an attorney for the american civil liberties union of maryland. maryland law requires here, david, consent from all parties where there is a reasonable expectation of privacy. why would there be an expectation of privacy on a public road? >> there plain and simply isn't any expectation of privacy. and i think it's important to remember here that it's a public official who was performing his official duty in public who is claiming that he had a reasonable expectation of privacy. and every court that has ever considered that question has said that such officials do not have an expectation of privacy. what we have here is a really extraordinary abuse of power both by the police and by the state's attorney's office that's charging mr. graber. >> and what gets me is that in many cases you have dash camera video now rolling during every traffic stop so that a person is recorded on the side of the road. how is it fair for the cops to do it but not fair for a private citizen to do it? >> that's exactly right. in fact, the maryland state police have those dash cams by virtue of
and maryland. do we have the m dot camera? out of easton, no problems, that's eastbound toll plaza at sandy point. very nice and easy right. bay sand is recommending that you leave after 11:00 so leave before 11:00 if you're heading back from the beach. that's a check of your fox 5 on- time traffic. >> thank you, lauren. >>> well new this morning, a deadly accident out on the roads in northern virginia. it happened at 1:00 a.m. at the intersection of chapel road and glen cove drive if cliffton. there were six people in an suv that went off the road and hit a tree. a 31-year-old man died and five others are hospitalized. fairfax county police say it appears speed was a factor in the crash. >>> and also new this morning, a nasty accident involving a car and metro bus in south east d.c. a metro spokesperson said the driver of the car ran a light at 14th street and was t- boned by a bus. bus went on to hit one other vehicle. the were passengers on the bus at the time. one person was seriously hurt and three others suffered minor injuries but it's unclear whether those that were hurt were in th
hill. it is an illness that affects millions of american children. scientists here in maryland think they have found a vaccine for juvenile die beaties -- diabetes. >> a tour on a new community kitchen and tell you about a new program cranking out not only meals but restaurant workers in the future. >> first, you are looking at a live picture outside. what a beautiful sight. tony has your holiday insta-weather plus forecast next. stay with us. can a smart phone reach the four corners of the earth ? can it make unlimited skype-to-skype calls to any country ? without using any minutes ? im anyone on skype. droid can with skype mobile. one of thousands of apps that can run with other apps. from the ever-expanding android market. when there's no limit to what droid gets, there's no limit to what droid does. right now buy one droid by motorola and get a second one free. only from verizon. we go through them all the time. doors that mark the day's events. new beginnings. endings. routines. revealing the stories and dramas -- the victories and challenges -- that help us go through new doors
to me, it's eun yang -- 75 in washington and 70 degrees in maryland.ffd, virgin manassas. you can see on the radar, rain showers marching into central ohio and eastern kentucky, part of a weather disturbance sliding our direction. there will be a chance for showers late this afternoon. west of the blue ridge and west virginia here in town, our rain chances don't sneak up until about the time the sun goes down. sn sunshine this morning and tomorrow will be the best chance for rain, two different chances, once first thing in the morning and another with the daytime heating later in the day. rain chances will taper on on wednesday. thursday will be the day we all get to complain about with a temperature up near 95 degrees. one day at 95 isn't the same as two days over 100 like last week. >> that is for sure. let's see how we're doing. those of you coming in from the west, interstate 66, no early worries, if you're heading eastbound that looks good all the way out. let's see how we're doing against new york avenue and north capitol street. travel lanes are open. wilson bridge and fine is
right, george. >>> authorities in maryland, meanwhile, they say have indicted america's newest serial killer. police say 27-year-old jason thomas scott killed five women over the past two years. and they have killed more in other parts of the country. pierre thomas has the latest and joins us live from washington. good morning, pierre. >> reporter: hi, robin. this morning, police say they expect the investigation to expand across state lines, into texas, florida and the district of columbia. and what they describe as a chilling case. five women murdered in a span of only nine months in one suburban maryland county. january 2009. karen lofton, a nurse fatally shot as she tried to hide in this corner of her own home. her daughter, gunned down as she frantically dialed 911 for help. the killer had disarmed their security system. the doors were locked. no signs of forced entry. two months later in march, another nurse, delores dewitt, and her daughter, ebony, savagely murdered and burned in a car. >> i have lost a friend. >> reporter: and vilma butler, executed and left to burn in her hom
is taking part in maryland's curatorship program. >> at different times we will pinch ourselves, is this really real real? we get to live here. >> reporter: the catch he pays to restore it and it is all the property of the state. he spent $90,000 in the first three months and has a lot more work planned. >> given a lifetime leasest lease you can justify fixing up a house and spending the time, effort and money fixing up because you can enjoy it the rest of your life. >> he rents farmland from the state. for them it is a dream come true. >> we could have never afforded anything like this. we would have to be multimillionaires and then if we were, we'd be working at some office job and still not able to enjoy it. >> reporter: the state of maryland is thrilled, too. >> there are homes everywhere that states can't afford to maintain and the program solves that problem for us. we get a historic house restored at no cost to taxpayers. >> reporter: since 1982, 43 historic buildings have been restored which is similar to ones currently in several other state and under consideration in m
, maryland, last year. police believe he used his job to pick his victims and track them down. pat collins has more on this. >> reporter: jim, they say he youed a computer to help target his victims, a thief, a robber, a killer, linked to five murders in prince george's county and possibly other crimes in other places. at a table inside police headquarters, part of the team that worked this double-double murder case, the potential suspect described as a monster. >> i think we will go down as one of the most foul criminals and murderers in the history of the united states of america. >> reporter: this investigation went on for more than a year and a half. tonight we learn more about this person of interest. since he hasn't been charged we can't say his name but sources say he is 27 years old, a graduate of the university of maryland, that he has a degree in computer science technology, that he worked for a delivery service and had access to customer databases, that he used that information to select his targets. they say he lived in the neighborhood where the murders happened. they say he's
. >>> investigation into the videotaped beating of an unarmed university of maryland student is now focusing on some top police officers. the "washington post" reports investigators want to know if police supervisors gave orders that led to the beating and whether they tried to cover it up. detectives are reportedly reviewing e-mails and cell phone messages sent and received the night of the incident in march and a month later when paren attorneys for the beaten student released the video. the student was among many who had taken to the streets after the men's basketball team beat duke. >>> an accused killer is behind bars in montgomery county this morning. travis wright was arrested sunday in connection with a shooting at a lake forest transit center in gaithersburg. police responded to a call about a shooting and found a man with a goon shot wound when they got there. >>> d.c. police are investigating a murder in southeast washington that happened early sunday morning on 58th street southeast. officers found james edward john sob dead at the scene. he had been shot several times. there is a reward
.c. and maryland area that will be without it tonight. reporting live on 10th street northeast. back to you. >> thank you. >>> there are now water restrictions in place in frederick, maryland. today mayor randy mcclement asked residents to voluntarily conserve water until further notice. tend intense heat and minimal rainfall have result in lower water levels. officials suggest that people minimize the use of their garbage disposal. use refrigerated water instead of running the tap for cold drinks and use a broom, he says, instead of a hose to clean your driveway or your sidewalk. >>> another hearing planned to talk about metro's deadly crash of last summer. members of the washington area congressional delegation will meet fwri the head of the national transportation safety board. they'll learn more about the ntsb's findings and recommendations. the ntsb blamed a faulty electronic circuit and metro's safety culture on the deadly crash that killed nine people last june. >>> a toddler is in serious condition after a chemical accident. i happened this morning in the 2500 block of 17th street n
injuries. >> marylanders woke up to an early-morning earthquake. it was a 3.6 magnitude earthquake that happened at 5:04 a.m. in germantown area. there are reports of it being felt from york county pennsylvania to virginia. it is the largest earthquake to hit maryland. Ñoçpççç >> good morning. a quick look at h.d. doppler radar. storms in maryland last evening have moved off shore. a couple storm complexes in kentucky. if they make the trip across the mountains and survive, probably that would pass south of us today. it would be on the edge of a boundary between warmer air and drier air to the south. 76 degrees. 87% the humidity. the barometer is down a little bit but showing a rising tendency, and the winds are calm. our forecast partly cloudy. maybe an isolated storm today. a better chance south of us, but even that would be isolated. southwest winds at 7 to 12. 93 to 98 for the high. if you are going to be down in the ocean today, a chance in baltimore for a scattered thunderstorm or two. partly cloudy forecast for saturday and sunday. 88 for the high on sunday. >> thank
demandas, incluida una presentada por el gobierno federal..maryland se beneficia diversidad que origina la inmigracion, dijo hoy el gobernador de ese estado martin o'malley...el gobernador dijo tambien que las autoridades federales son las unicas encargadas de hacer cumplir las leyes de inmigracion y que esa labor no puede ser trasladada a la policia estatal o local, por lo que no esta de acuerdo con la ley de arizona, diez mil visas que el gobierno federal emite cada año para inmigrantes victimas de delitos que ayudaron a las autoridades a investigar y juzgar a los culpables... la ultima de las visas fue aprobada ayer por la manana... esta es la primera vez que el gobierno agota todas las visas desde que inicio el programa hace dos años.. las visas se conceden a victimas de violencia domestica, agresion sexual, contrabando humano y otros delitos.. en washington aumenta el descontento contra la cipal proveedora de electricidad tras una serie de interrupciones de ese servicio nte loas en que la region soporto temperaturas extremas... claudia uceda nos amplia.. sin electricidad ... ya sea
to leonardtown, maryland. down in st. mary's county. come on out and meet me, tony, tucker, holly, we'll be in the town square from 6:00 until 10:00 tomorrow morning and we cannot wait. >> come on out and meet us and if you feel like bringing some biscuits, go right ahead. >> we're not going to say don't do it. >> i won't say no. >> i've been looking forward to it. >> i've been reading up on their website. it looks look a charming community. and i know we have them on our weather maps. looking forward to it. >> we sure do. >> we'll all be there. >>> so what's the weather going to be like? >> hot and humid. we're getting used to it. it's summertime in washington. definitely on the humid side. temperatures will be mid-90s this afternoon. >> that's better. >> won't be record heat. let's take a look at our current temperature and the current temperature is 81 degrees. 81 at reagan national. humidity is 74%. that is not pleasant. winds out of the east at 3 miles per hour. pressure 30.01 inches, falling slightly. our high pressure is breaking down. that's good news. notice on the satellite
threatening head injuries at the maryland shock treatment center. >>> storms through louisiana. a woman was driving when water rose quickly and covered her vehicle. >>> you can find out before you make a reservation. dc health officials are putting all restaurant health inspection notices online. restaurants can be searched by name, owner's name or zip code. health authorities conduct over 5000 inspections every year. >>> providence hospital celebrating its 150th anniversary this weekend. the hospital in north east washington kicked off a celebration with community health and fitness day. free health screening and there was also a farmer's market to promote healthy food and to launch a 150-pound weight loss challenge for residents. >>> still ahead. a presidential vacation in the state of maine. we will take you there. >>> next, family and friends say good-bye to yankees boss george steinbrenner in a private affair. >>> a hot day up there in new york. laguardia 95. 98 yesterday. humidity levels much lower. so if you're still out and moving around why not spend some time on your own ter
in new jersey, graduated from university of maryland. she worked at the university for many years. friends say she left that job to stay home with her kids. she is the mother of two young girls. >>> storms claimed the life of a jet ski rider on the chess a peek bay. warren smith and friend were out riding about a half mile south of the bay bridge. both turned around, headed for land when the storm popped up, the wind knocked smith's friend off the jet ski, and when he got back, he was face down in the water. it is not clear how he died. >>> storm related fatalities are the reminder we all need to take precautions when storms whip through like this one did. >> we always warn people with severe storms about lightning, don't get near trees, in general, don't be near trees. we have a huge canopy here. when we had remnants of is a bell come through, it is the huge trees that cause the trouble. yesterday, we had winds of 60 to 70 miles per hour, which is common with severe storms, but it was a big line. tom fitzgerald was saying driving in it, trees were down all over. >> they are part
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